In each of their mission trips, Dr. Lee and Dr. Lee bring all their own equipment. The dentists bring an entire dental chair, generator, compressor, dental unit, and of course- instruments, gloves and other disposable items. The dentists then set up the "dental office" in the town library or school for the week...


 Word quickly spread of the two dentists visiting the area, Dr. Elan Lee reflects on one of his mission trips:

"It was so special seeing everyone lining up each day to visit the dentist. Something as easy as smoothing a chip in a front tooth or taking care of a sore spot really can make a difference in someones life"

In Iquitos, Peru- Dr. Stephen Lee brought the whole family to help with the mission trip...


 While Dr. Lee  was working, the rest of the family organized small seminars teaching about the importance of oral healthcare. Dr. Lee's daughters entertained the village's children, and his wife cared for any medical needs. Each of the six Lee's very much enjoyed their journey to the amazon jungle to serve, and each felt how rewarding volunteering can be.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Lee have spent many weeks abroad volunteering in underserved areas...


 In a small town outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras- the Dr. Lee and Dr. Lee team set up their remote dental office to provide dental care for the needy. People often line up at the door, and come from far and wide to be receive desperately needed treatment . At the end of their mission, the mayor of the township they were working in, personally thanked them; and described how most of the people in the village had never been seen by a doctor before their visit.

"This is the only time in my life were I've felt like a true hollywood celebrity! People would greet us at our canoes and walk with us all the way to the clinic."

Philanthropic mission trips, are a huge source of pride and responsibility at our office......Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Israel, and even as close as Pacfic Beach.

Hello Masai Mara!


 Dental hygiene outreach to Masai Mara, Kenya!