We have an awesome dental family!

Super Fan!


 Dr. Lee was invited onto  the sideline of a San Diego Chargers game against the Baltimore Ravens at Quallcomm Stadium. For many years, the Lee family held season tickets and tailgated at every game. Dr. Lee makes a great hamburger and chicken wings!

***Update: With the recent move, we are no longer Chargers fans

Commencement Address


 Dr. Lee was honored by giving a speech at the dental school graduation, when the class president was asked to speak for the audience.

Ask us, about our latest adventure!

Scuba Certified


Scuba diving is the doctor's latest hobby. Both Dr. Lee's were certified in the summer of 2015, and the family was so excited to hear the deep water stories, they began their scuba courses the very next day.


Before      -      During     -      After



This photo has nothing to do with dentistry. We just love our dog. Her name is Hexi.